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TOFINE ,Your Flow Control Specialist In China

www.flow-controls.com , www.electric-valves.com

Add: Wanke World trade Square,Nanjing Road #129,Heping District,Tianjin,China,300051

Email: sales@flow-controls.com     (this Email address is preferred)
Recently someone in China is copying our website design, product picture and related info,please kindly note that TOFINE domain name is flow-controls.com (there is a letter "s" after the word  "control")

If failed to send us Email or you did not receive our reply,you could also contact TOFINE via below methods:

Email: smartvalves@yahoo.com  (Alternative Email address)
or send inquiry to us via our website http://www.flow-controls.com/inquiry.php

WeChat: ChinaTofine
Skype: amyzhang3000
WhatsApp : +86

Tel:   0086-22-58266338 ext: 01,02,03,04,05
Fax:  0086-22-58675876 

Place an order now please kindly contact
Amy Zhang by amy@flow-controls.com with the Size,Material,Voltage,Wiring and Quantity you need.

Our technical deparment manager Andrew can be reached by andrew@flow-controls.com and lynsey@flow-controls.com is taking care of your each order manufacturing process now.

Any complains and suggestions please send Email to : tofine@flow-controls.com

Welcome to visit our factory at any time.